Curzon Management

Building Surveying

Specialists in building pathology, defect diagnosis and creative problem solving. Our commercially astute surveyors provide invaluable support to all our clientele.

Insurance Claims

Defects that are not due to negligence are generally covered by insurance. We diagnose defects and help our clients make their insurance claim as well as deal with the loss adjustors.

Party Wall

Developers are legally required to serve Party Wall Notices on their neighbours when carrying out extension works. Our Party Wall Surveyors are highly experienced experts with over 10 years in the field. We take appointments from developers, neighbours or joint appointments from both.

Design Details for Party Wall Purposes

Occasionally, the Party Wall Surveyors require a specific part of the proposed drawings to be presented with more detail. When the architect is unavailable, we can issue these drawings in an efficient time frame.


At the time of instruction, we discuss and agree your objectives and assess these against the terms of lease. We then set the timing, carry out an inspection, consider the level of claim and agree a strategy before commencing negotiations.

We offer this service to both landlords and tenants, for whom we respectively prepare and respond to Schedules of Dilapidation Claims.

Cat-A-Fits Outs

To secure the highest rent from your commercial unit, it is often advisable to renovate the space to provide a more flexible and open-plan layout. Curzon offers a slick one stop service to swiftly Project Manage the design, tender and construction works.

Building Surveys

Whether you are buying a house, office block, historic pub or any other building it is necessary to carry out the relevant due diligence so that you are aware of any hidden costs of repair and maintenance, prior to purchasing. Our surveyors will carry out a comprehensive inspection and advise you on the overall condition of the property.
If requested, we can also provide a cost estimate of any necessary works.

Defect Analysis

We can diagnose and specify repair works for any defect including structural, damp or other and can often do so in a single visit.

Licence for Alterations

Landlords approach us when their tenants request permission to make alterations to their premises. In these instances, we review the tenant’s proposals to ensure they won’t adversely affect the building and comply with Planning & Building Regulations. We also record the condition of surrounding property ahead of the works.

Major Maintenance Works & Section 20

We heavily invest our energy at pre-contract stage which has allowed us to never over exceed our client’s budget. Please refer to our Contract Administration & Specification of Works sections for more details.

Specification of Works

Specification of Works are required to avoid the surprise of mid-work additional costs. A Specification is a detailed itemised list sent to contractors to present their cost against each item on the list.

Contract Administration

Curzon is a respected force within London’s Construction Industry. We work with JCT Contracts and take pride in balancing the interests of both clients and contractors to ensure the best project outcome. We crucially allocate plenty of manpower for managing each project. Curzon has expanded its team to provide this service across the UK.

Value Engineering

Following the tender process, it is beneficial to run a Value Engineering exercise prior to awarding the contract. Savings can almost always be realised by identifying and modifying specific elements of the scheme without compromising both our client and contractor’s objectives.

Pre-planned Maintenance Programmes & Capital Expenditure

These are prepared to help Property Managers & Building Managers forecast the cost of future maintenance and allows them to set the budget for Sinking Funds and the Advanced Maintenance Charges etc.

Schedule of Condition

These are prepared to record the condition of a property to avoid a future dispute over the cause of damage. The schedule can be presented in the form of annotated photography, video imagery and as a written tabulated record.

Expert Witness

The Expert Witnesses within our firm possess strong legal, strategic and creative skill sets and also have a reputation for creating good opportunities for out of court settlements. Our expertise cover both the Project Management and Building Surveying fields. Although our duty is to the court, we will work closely with the lawyers and barristers and defendant/claimant to ensure the important truths are clearly conveyed to the court.