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Project Management

Passionate about driving your project forward, delivering on quality and staying within budget.

Project Management

Our team of Project Managers boasts a combined 80 years’ experience. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and focus the necessary resources to manage their projects from start through to completion. We pride ourselves on maintaining excellent communication throughout and heavily invest our energy at pre-contract stage to ensure the most cost effective and time efficient outcome is achievable.

Our clientele are typically family run businesses. We have a successful track record working on residential, commercial, industrial, religious and educational buildings.

Contract Administration

Curzon is a respected force within London’s Construction Industry. We work with JCT Contracts and take pride in balancing the interests of both clients and contractors to ensure the best project outcome. We crucially allocate plenty of manpower for managing each project. Curzon has expanded its team to provide this service across the UK.

Employers Agent

With Design & Build Projects, we can step in to your shoes at any stage to ensure that the contractor faithfully fulfils their contractual obligations without compromise. D&B contracts are often used to reduce the time frame of a project or to simplify the delivery of the project.

Value Engineering

Following the tender process, it is beneficial to run a Value Engineering exercise prior to awarding the contract. Savings can almost always be realised by identifying and modifying specific elements of the scheme without compromising both our client and contractor’s objectives.

Quality Inspections

When full Project Management is not necessary, we can conduct ad hoc mid-work inspections to assess the quality of workmanship. Our Building Surveyors have extensive knowledge and experience in identifying construction and design faults and will advise you of any long term implications if left unmitigated.


When full Project Management is not necessary, we can provide an impromptu assessment of a contractor’s drawdown request, and advise you on the true level of payment currently due.

Tender & Tender Analysis

We assess a contractor’s track record, current projects and team compatibility as well as other criteria before inviting them to tender.

It is imperative to carry out a thorough Tender Analysis to ensure we successfully forecast your project costs, identify the most cost effective tender and avoid mid work disputes. We do this via detailed comparative study and significant liaison with the tendering contractors.


We can assemble and publish a contract for your project as a standalone service. A well-documented JCT Contract acts as a safety net for any contractual dispute and can save clients significant costs throughout the project lifecycle and beyond.

Project Monitoring

Curzon offers Project Monitoring services to banks and investors. Prior to works we review the scheme, production and tender information and the proposed terms of contract. Once the contract is let, we carry out valuations and periodic inspections. This process allows you to assess and manage your development risk.

Cat-A-Fits Outs

To secure the highest rent from your commercial unit, it is often advisable to renovate the space to provide a more flexible and open-plan layout. Curzon offers a slick one stop service to swiftly Project Manage the design, tender and construction works.

Expert Witness

The Expert Witnesses within our firm possess strong legal, strategic and creative skill sets and also have a reputation for creating good opportunities for out of court settlements. Our expertise cover both the Project Management and Building Surveying fields. Although our duty is to the court, we will work closely with the lawyers and barristers and defendant/claimant to ensure the important truths are clearly conveyed to the court.